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Human Resources

Work-Life Balance

Basic Policy

Daikin Industries, Ltd. stresses a work life balance for employees. We have a range of systems and measures that allow us to make use of a diverse range of human resources. The company has established an action plan that is already underway for helping employees both men and women, with children continue both work and home duties with peace of mind. We have been certified as a company complying with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. We have put efforts into strengthening systems for both childcare leave and childcare support and encouraging male employees to take more childcare leave.

Helping Employees Match Work Schedule with Lifestyle

Employing Flexible Work Systems such as Flex Time and Discretionary Work System

To allow this diverse range of employees to work under flexible conditions and working hours, we use the flex time system. We also have a discretionary work system that can be taken advantage of by not just the R&D department but also by employees in other company departments conducting duties such as planning, proposals, and surveys related to company operations. Thanks to these efforts to give employees flexible working conditions and working hours, Daikin had an employee turnover of just 4.4% (including mandatory retirement age employees) in fiscal 2021: this is far below the average of 14.9% for all industries in Japan (according to a 2017 survey by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

Number of Employees Leaving, Employee Turnover (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

Number of Employees Leaving, Employee Turnover (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

Support for Childcare While Working

Creating a Workplace Where Employees Can Balance Their Jobs and Childcare

Daikin Industries, Ltd. strives to create an environment where employees can continue their jobs even after having children. In 2014, we achieved the targets of our first action plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. For this, the company was certified by the Osaka Labour Bureau (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare).
Going forward, we will continue to help employees achieve an ideal balance of work and childcare while also using their skills to the fullest.

Symbol Showing Certification as a Company Supporting Employees Childcare Efforts

Symbol Showing Certification as a
Company Supporting Employees
Childcare Efforts

Workplace environment development at Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Creating a work environment that supports the balance between life and career for both male and female employees
Seminar for Employees Returning from Childcare Leave

We have been conducting the seminar since 2012 to strengthen the measures that supports the continuation of an employee’s career and not let childbirth or childcare end a career.

  1. To share thoughts and know-how on how to build a career while supporting childcare at home, and to learn the positive impacts of childcare on one’s career.
  2. To dispel unconsicous bias such as gender roles.
  3. For supervisors to consider their management approach to bring out the potential of a diverse human resources, and to cultivate a company culture that supports career advancement while providing childcare regardless of gender.

The seminar includes a lecture and discussions on unconscious bias, employees sharing their experience of childcare leave, and efforts to reaffirm one’s sense of value. This allows employees to think about their career from a long-term perspective and for supervisors to think about their management of employees with children.

Total of four
For employees returning from childcare leave and their supervisors
For partners of a returnee from childcare leave and their supervisors

<Results in Fiscal 2021>
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar was conducted online among the Head Office and each business site. To foster a corporate culture that supports the balance between work and childcare regardless of an employee’s gender, we have expanded the targets to include partners of returnees from childcare leave and their supervisors, in addition to employees returning from extended childcare leave.

Creating an environment that encourages male employees to take childcare leave

To recommend all male employees with a recently born child to take at least five days of childcare leave.

We publish and distribute the Handbook on Balancing Work and Childcare among male employees with a recently born child and their supervisors, which includes information for new fathers. To promote systematic utilization of childcare leave, we make announcements on the system and encourage conversations between supervisors and employees. The Human Resources Division also conducts regular check in with eligible employees on their plan to take the leave.

Supporting early return from childcare leave

Daikin promotes early return from childcare leave as a measure to smooth the transition back to work from childbirth or childcare.

The following policy was introduced (in 2014) for returnees from childcare leave whose child is less than 6 months of age.

  1. Flexible workstyle to enable an easy transition that balances work with life
    • Shorter workday of 4 hours a day
    • Shorter flexible workday of 6 hours a day
    • Work-from-home for up to 4 times a week
  2. Strengthen services to support parents of infants in balancing life and career
    • Expand the subsidy amount and list of support within the Childcare Support Cafeteria Program

Increased number of employees returning early from childcare leave as a result of the early return support policy

Osaka University’s Support Program on Career Development During Childcare Leave

Since 2019, we have been conducting support on career development during childcare leave in collaboration with Osaka Univesrity as a part of diversity promotion. Our goal is to provide opportunities to develop skills toward advancing their future career targeting employees currently on childcare leave.

Employees on their childcare leave are eligible to attend lectures within the School of Human Sciences, School of Economics, and Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University for their career development and learning. The employees are also able to access the nursery on campus for childcare during their lectures.

<Results in Fiscal 2021>
Participation by five employees in the spring/summer term between April and September, and by 10 employees in the fall/winter term between October and February.

Employees looking for daycare facilities
Daycare facilities concierge service Introduced in 2013, this service provides comprehensive support from experts on search for daycare facilities, which includes information on how to conduct searches and details on daycare facilities, as well as getting advice from experts.
Daycare and Childcare Leave Support Seminars

In addition to the daycare facilities concierge program, we began to host seminars in 2017 to share information on how to look for daycare facilties, know-how and examples of other employees. The aim of the seminar is to provide reference and address concerns on searches for daycare facilities to facilitate a smooth entrance for the children.

<Results in Fiscal 2021>
In Septebmer 2021, a lecture given by President Ueda of Mothernet Co., Ltd. to provide insight and address questions on the search for daycares.

Matching employees with company-owned daycares In order to support employees in finding daycare for their children, we began the mattching service for employees with company-owned daycares in 2019. We list daycares that are owned by the company with openings on the website, and support employees with a smooth application to put their children into daycare facilities.

Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave* (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)
Number of employees taking childcare leave each fiscal year

Support for Family Care and other Employee Benefit Systems

Family Care Leave and Shortened Working Hours

In fiscal 2020, as a result of the amendment to the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, the internal system was changed, which enabled family care leave to be taken in hourly units.

Under our family care leave system, employees can take leave up to a maximum of 365 days, which can be taken continuously or broken up into numerous leave blocks. Under this system, we have also increased from one to three times the number of leave blocks that can be taken for each time that member's condition becomes such as to require care.

With our system for adjustment of working hours for family care (under which employees can opt to work a staggered or flexible work schedule, or a shorter six-hours-per-day schedule), for each family member who requires care, employees can break their use of this system into two or more times over a period of three years starting from initial use of this system. (This is in addition to days taken under the family care leave system.) And under our short family care leave, employees can now take leave in hourly units.

Number Taking Family Care Leave (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

Number Taking Family Care Leave (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

Other Employee Benefit Systems (some are abridged)

Pension Defined contribution pension  
Paid leave Seniors' leaves system The employee gets three days of paid leave between the month the employee turns 55 and retirement age.
Participation in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Employees may be allowed to take time off work for this.

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