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Endorsement as an Eco First Company

Daikin Industries, Ltd. First Company in Air Conditioner Industry to be Endorsed as an Eco First Company by Ministry of the Environment

On November 11, 2008, Daikin Industries, Ltd. was presented with official certification for the Eco First Program established by Japan's Ministry of the Environment in April 2008. The award recognized Daikin's Eco First Commitment of environmental protection targets. Daikin is now the first company in its industry to earn the right to use the Eco First symbol.

Under the Eco First Program, companies make a commitment to the Ministry of the Environment to carry out voluntary environmental protection activities aimed at meeting the targets of the Kyoto Protocol.

As the world's only developer and manufacturer of both air conditioners and their refrigerants, the Daikin Group makes it a top priority to reduce global warming. Using our strengths in energy-efficient technologies, we strive to mitigate our impact on climate change.

Under our Eco First Commitment, which we revised in March 2012 and October 2017, the Daikin Group is striving to achieve both environmental sustainability and corporate growth by making the most of environmental technologies such as inverters and heat pumps to drive our business.

 The Eco First symbol

The Eco First symbol

Daikin Group's Eco First Commitment

  1. By developing and disseminating products that contribute to mitigating global warming, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal 2020 by 60 million tons-CO2.
    • We will disseminate energy-efficient products, such as low-energy-consuming inverter models, worldwide.
    • In worldwide markets, we will introduce air conditioners that use low-global-warming-potential refrigerants such as R-32, which has two-thirds less global warming potential than conventional refrigerants.
    • By promoting the recovery and destruction of refrigerants, we will minimize refrigerant leakage in all stages from production to final product disposal.
    • We will develop and disseminate heat pump space heaters and hot water heaters, which are much more energy efficient than gas-combustion products, by adapting to local conditions.
    • By introducing our energy-efficient solutions businesses, such as air conditioner remote monitoring systems, to worldwide markets, we will contribute to greater energy efficiency in entire buildings and towns.
  2. To minimize the environmental impact of our production activities, in fiscal 2020 we aim to reduce the Daikin Group’s emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, HFCs, PFCs) by 70% over fiscal 2005 (a reduction of 3.5 million tons-CO2).
    • Even as we increase the number of our production bases and our production volume, we will reduce the Daikin Group’s total greenhouse gas emissions through numerous measures; for example, eliminate wasted energy by making energy usage more transparent, and thoroughly recover fluorocarbons in production processes.
    • We will reduce emissions through strict management of waste, water usage, and chemical substances.
  3. We aim to work together with stakeholders to protect biodiversity. We will also expand the Green Heart circle, considering the Earth and taking care of the natural environment.
    • Through Daikin’s “Forests for the Air” project, which is being undertaken at seven locations around the world, during the 10-year period from 2014 to 2024, we will conserve forests covering some 11 million hectares and in the process contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 7 million tons-CO2.
    • Employees are the main drivers in initiatives at our worldwide bases to certify factories and offices under our Green Heart system. Daikin employees boost their environmental awareness by minimizing environmental impact through energy efficiency and other measures, creating and preserving biodiversity at their companies, and teaming up with local citizens in carrying out environmental and social contribution activities.
    • By holding free-of-charge environmental education classes for elementary schools, we provide an opportunity for youngsters to learn how to build a sustainable society.
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