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Effective Use of Resources

Home Appliance Recycling Results (Progress in carrying out recycling, etc. of specified home appliances)

Effective Use of Resources

Daikin's Progress in Recycling Home Appliances in Fiscal 2021

Total amount of home appliances recycled in one year (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) based on Japan's Home Appliance Recycling Law

Progress in recycling used home appliances

Residential air conditioners
Number of appliances received at specified dropoff sites (Units: 1,000) 455
Number of appliances recycled, etc. (Units: 1,000) 454
Amount recycled, etc. by weight (tons) 18,336
Amount recycled by weight (tons) 16,699
Recycling rate (%) 91
The number of appliances recycled, etc. and the amount recycled, etc. by weight are the total number of used appliances and the total weight processed by the necessary methods in order to carry out recycling, etc. in fiscal 2021.
All values are rounded off to the decimal point.
The number of appliances received at designated dropoff sites and number of appliances recycled, etc. do not include items for which the manufacturers that should process those items could not be determined due to problems such as incorrectly filled out manifests.

Progress in recycling parts and materials, etc.

Relevant parts processed into a state in which they can be transferred as parts or materials to the user for a fee or free of charge.

Residential air conditioners
Iron (tons) 5,315
Copper (tons) 1,258
Aluminum (tons) 374
Mixture of non-ferrous and iron composite materials (tons) 6,609
Fluorocarbons (tons) 278
Other valuable materials (tons) 2,862
Total weight (tons) 16,699

Breakdown of materials recovered

Other valuable materials means plastic, etc.
All values are rounded off to the decimal point.

Amount of fluorocarbons recovered and recycled, reused, or destroyed

Recovered weight of fluorocarbons used as refrigerants (kg) 303,320
Shipped weight of fluorocarbons used as refrigerants (kg) 298,768
Weight of recycled and reused fluorocarbons used as refrigerants (kg) 275,656
Weight of destroyed fluorocarbons used as refrigerants (kg) 22,150
All values are rounded off to the decimal point.

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