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Fiscal 2016 Customer Satisfaction

Amidst legal revisions to limit emissions of fluorocarbons, which are greenhouse gasesSolving Problems Faced by Customers in Managing Air Conditioning Equipment

Why is it important?

Solving Customer Problems and Earning Their Trust

Providing customers with better products and services brings them satisfaction. With so many different kinds of products on the market, customers don’t make choices based on performance alone. Customers want performance and service that exceeds their expectations. Daikin can use its specialized knowledge and technologies to anticipate and solve customer concerns regarding the use of air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.

Such efforts will strengthen the bonds of trust with customers and lead to the growth of our business and solutions to the issues facing society.


Helping Customers Deal with Legal Revisions Related to the Crucial Issue of Fluorocarbon Emission Reductions

In Japan the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons went into effect in April 2015. With the goal of prevent leakage of fluorocarbons, a cause of global warming, the law contributes to the worldwide fight to limit greenhouse gas emissions by obligating commercial air conditioner users and inspectors to take numerous control measures.

Customers subject to the new obligations had expressed numerous concerns prior to the new law, such as difficulty in understanding the legal details and how to comply with them. We therefore took measures to alleviate these customers concerns.

Overview of the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons in Japan
(Enacted in April 2015)

In addition to existing measures during air conditioner manufacture and disposal, the new law obligates users to take measures during product use to limit fluorocarbon emissions.

Overview of the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons in Japan (Enacted in April 2015)



Ensuring Customers and Inspectors Understand and Comply with the New Law

Daikin began by conducting on-site surveys in order to determine what must be done by the customers (who use the air conditioning equipment) and the company inspecting the equipment.

Based on the survey results, Daikin compiled its own manual. It contains everything from a list of all equipment covered by the law to actual inspection procedures. As of the end of March 2017, we had distributed 110,000 copies of this manual to customers and 60,000 copies to inspection companies. In addition, we also held approximately 500 seminars all over Japan with over 15,000 people attending. Daikin led the industry by being the first company to promote understanding of the new law prior to its enactment.

Support for Customers Includes List of Relevant Products, Inspections, and Smartphone Application

The Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons obligates commercial air conditioner users to carry out periodic inspection, repair, and maintenance. We have many customers who use a large number of air conditioners, and it would have taken them great time and effort merely to understand which equipment was covered by the revised law. Daikin therefore began offering support to customers using Daikin and other companies’ products. We found subcontractors to carry out simple and periodic inspections for the relevant products, and we helped make lists of all products to enable customers to see which were affected by the revised law. In June 2016 we began offering Fluorocarbon Care, the industry’s first periodic inspection system. Under this system, we will carry out repairs related to fluorocarbon leakage, including for non-Daikin products, during a three-year warranty period for the periodic inspections designated by law that Daikin carries out for its customers. As of March 2017, we had carried out fluorocarbon inspections on 66,000 products covered by the revised law.

We also have support tools that the customers themselves can use to ensure they comply with the revised law. In October 2015, we began offering a free fluorocarbon inspection application for use in smartphones. By just taking a picture of the air conditioner with the smartphone, the application determines whether it is covered by the law and gives other information such as the periodic inspection schedule and items for simple inspections. Customers have praised this application and about 58,000 have downloaded and registered it.

Daikin’s Support for Customers



Continue Providing Services That Solve Customers’ Problems

Daikin’s support in helping customers respond to the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons is just one example of how we use our specialized knowledge to devise solutions. But we alleviate customer concerns in other ways as well. For example, for customers who want to save energy but lack the manpower to constantly watch over every air conditioner, we offer an energy management service for remote monitoring of air conditioners.

Such customer concerns are closely related to social issues like environmental protection. We will continue to handle these concerns using our specialized knowledge and technological prowess to strengthen the relationship of trust with customers and work with customers to solve social issues.

Stakeholder’s Comment

We Can Depend on Daikin to Handle All Our Air Conditioners, Even Non-Daikin Products

There are over 700 air conditioners of various manufacturers on our university campus. We were at a loss as to how to figure out which ones would be affected by the new law. But Daikin came to the rescue by making a database of all the air conditioners and taking care of the inspection and maintenance of the relevant products. Next, we hope to use the information from the inspections in planning CO2 emission reductions and in making proposals for upgrading equipment.

Mr. Fukutaro Matsuma Fukui University

Mr. Fukutaro Matsuma
Fukui University


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