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Fiscal 2020 Key Activities Customer Satisfaction
Fiscal 2020 Key Activities Customer Satisfaction

Quickly Providing Air Purification Solutions as a Company that Provides Solutions with Air

Why is it important?

Growing Demand for Air Purification in All Settings

There is a growing need for air purification in all types of settings including offices, homes, restaurants, and hospitals as one way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Similar to 2012 when the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) problem garnered worldwide attention, demand for air purifiers grew substantially in 2020.

As a company that provides solutions with air, Daikin finds that its support for customer comfort based on setting and purpose through the collective strengths of the Group is in demand.

Shipments of Air Purifiers (Japan)

Shipments of Air Purifiers (Japan)
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association


Quickly Developing Products that Resolve Issues in Various Locations

Daikin was among the first in the industry to provide various air purification solutions. We offer an expansive lineup of air conditioners with ventilation functions, and we commercialized a commercial ventilation unit that can reclaim heat from inside a room. We have also been disseminating various forms of information since April 2020 such as accepting telephone inquiries and setting up a consultation window on our website to address concerns regarding air and ventilation.

In May 2020, we launched two negative pressure products that address the urgent requirements of healthcare facilities. Group company Nippon Muki Co., Ltd. developed these products in just one month using its proprietary HEPA filter technology.

A negative pressure device creates a negative pressure environment with lower air pressure than the surroundings to control the flow of air in one direction. It helps to prevent the spread of viruses in the air by isolating infected persons in a negative pressure space. In addition, high performance HEPA filters used in negative pressure clean rooms for precision equipment effectively traps viruses in the air.


Contributing to Infection Prevention in Response to Front-Line Feedback

The unique aspect of these two newly developed negative pressure devices is that they can create a negative pressure room without having to undergo large-scale renovation work inside a building. Both the moveable negative pressure exhaust unit, which uses a window as an exhaust port, and the assembled negative pressure booth, which creates a temporary isolation booth inside a room, reduce the burden of healthcare institutions.

Following these, in August 2020, we launched a collapsible negative pressure booth featuring a lightweight aluminum frame. This product, which addresses feedback from medical professionals, can be assembled in around 10 minutes when needed, and then stored compactly when not in use. It can also be used at small clinics without the space required for an isolation area or people's movements. Facilities for seniors have praised the product saying it provides a peace of mind because it is the same equipment used in hospitals. As of March 31, 2021, we have supplied around 2,000 of these booths to more than 500 facilities.

The moveable negative pressure exhaust unit can also be used as a high-performance air purifier with a HEPA filter. It addresses the needs of infection control in spaces where large numbers of people come and go, such as restaurants, gyms, and funeral parlors. In November 2020, this unit was deployed at an international gymnastics meet held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Daikin's Products Address Various Air Purification Needs

Quickly supplying products required by society using our proprietary technologies


Providing New Solutions with Our Proprietary Technologies

With demand rising for air purifiers that can be effective against microscopic viruses in many places, Daikin is addressing this demand with various solutions. One example is that we launched a compact air purifier featuring an anti-viral HEPA filter with powerful ventilation function for commercial facilities in December 2020.

Looking ahead, Daikin will create new products using its air conditioning, ventilation, and filter technologies to continually provide optimal solutions to people who require air purification.


Using Daikin's Solutions to Address Rising Number of Patients

NCGM is a designated medical institution for specified infectious diseases that actively accepts COVID-19 patients. We needed to quickly ramp up preparations for accepting the rising number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, so we decided to purchase Daikin's collapsible negative pressure booths. This has allowed us to easily create a reliable negative pressure environment and our medical professionals to treat patients with peace of mind.

Miho Takahashi

Miho Takahashi
HCU Head Nurse
National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)


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