Reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain

Reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain
This counts the amount of CO2 emissions reduction Daikin has contributed to society as a whole through its initiatives. This includes emissions reduction achieved through penetration of our equipment with less emissions (replacement of our equipment), energy creation, and forest conservation activities, among others.

At Daikin, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain, from procurement of materials to development, production, transportation, installation, usage, recovery, and recycling.
Our goal is to reduce emissions by 30% or more in 2025 and by 50% or more in 2030 compared to the baseline of 2019.

The Society Daikin is Aiming Toward

A society that does not exacerbate environmental burdens

Aiming for a society that reduces environmental burdens while making people and air healthy and comfortable by promoting the spread of air conditioners that have a minor impact on global warming.

Response to Climate Change

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