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Daikin's Support

Forests offer numerous benefits: photosynthesis generates oxygen, water vapor given off has a cooling effect by keeping temperatures down, and trees are natural air purifiers that absorb air pollutants. Because forests are nature's 'air conditioner', it is only natural that air conditioner manufacturer Daikin works to protect our forests.

Even in Hokkaido, Shiretoko is one of the few remaining areas where one can find a primitive natural environment and wild animals.

On the other hand, there exist problems, such as the destruction of nature due to clearing of land for farming and the altering of waterways, and friction between humans and certain wild animal populations that are increasing.

We believe that solving these problems while protecting Shiretoko's natural environment is consistent with several themes: protect and revitalize forests, nature's air conditioners; protect biodiversity, a key focus of Daikin's environmental action; and strive for the coexistence of humans, nature, and wildlife.

To this end, Daikin Industries Ltd., the Shiretoko Nature Foundation, and the towns of Shari and Rausu signed an agreement in 2011 under which the parties began efforts to protect the wilderness of the Shiretoko Peninsula. In 2016, the parties signed an agreement for the second phase of this effort under which, for a period of eight years until 2024, Daikin is supporting two initiatives: a project to restore the rich diversity of Shiretoko’s forests, and a project to protect and pass on Shiretoko’s value as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two initiatives supported by Daikin

Two initiatives supported by Daikin Project to Restore the Rich Diversity of Shiretoko’s Forests Project to Protect and Pass on Shiretoko’s Value as a World Heritage Site

From Participants

Working to Restore the Rich Diversity of Shiretoko’s Forests

Takashi Baba, Mayor of Shari TownTakashi Baba,
Mayor of Shari Town

Completion of Electric Fence a Further Step in Human-Brown Bear Coexistence

Minoru Minatoya, Mayor of Rausu TownMinoru Minatoya,
Mayor of Rausu Town

Note: The photos on this website are courtesy of the Shiretoko Nature Foundation.

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