Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

1. Social responsibility in business practices

Have written rules to inform employees of their social responsibilities and ensure they strictly fulfill such social responsibilities in areas such as business policy and code of conduct in business practices, and to pursue the fulfilment of social responsibilities based on appropriate management systems.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Top management members take the initiative in fulfilling social responsibility
    Have top management members take the initiative for social responsibility at your company by making policy and demonstrating this policy by example.
  2. Have written rules on management policy for furthering social responsibility
    Formulate and put into writing rules for your company’s (management’s) policy on social responsibility, as well as codes of conduct for these rules, and convey these rules to employees and all others connected to your company’s business operations.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Top management’s CSR policy (CSR report, information on company website)
  2. Documents on CSR policy and code of conduct (CSR report, information on company website)
  1. Pursue the fulfilment of social responsibility based on appropriate management systems
    Adopt or establish an appropriate management system to identify, mitigate, and continually improve operational risks associated with compliance with laws, regulations, and customer requirements related to your business, as well as your company’s policies and code of conduct related to your company’s corporate social responsibility, and to achieve a sound business environment.

Implementation Elements:

  1. Establish a system to identify, monitor and understand legal and customer requirements
  2. Implement a risk assessment and management system
  3. Implement a management review system
  4. Set improvement goals
  5. Provide education and training
  6. Communicate appropriate information to employees, suppliers and customers
  7. Establish a complaint handling mechanism
  8. Conduct regular self-assessments (audits)
  9. Establish a corrective action process
  10. Establish documentation and records
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