Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

5. Respect and protection of intellectual property rights

Acquire and protect intellectual property rights for your company, respect the intellectual property rights of other companies, and ensure you do not infringe upon the intellectual rights of other companies.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Acquire, Protect, and Utilize Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Recognize that intellectual property is an important asset and strength of your company, and therefore properly maintain, manage, and protect your intellectual property rights while utilizing them effectively.
    2. Be conscious that your company’s products (and parts) are used in Daikin’s and other company’s products around the world, and actively acquire and protect intellectual property rights, which are the result of your company’s advanced, creative research and development.
    3. Gather information concerning intellectual property rights generated from all your organization’s group companies, including overseas companies, and strive to fully understand and utilize intellectual property rights as a corporate group.
    4. Appropriately execute your rights in regards to infringement upon your company’s intellectual property rights by third parties.
  2. Respect the Intellectual Property Rights of Other Companies
    1. When developing new products (and parts) and technology, confirm that you are not infringing on the intellectual property rights of other companies anywhere in the world.
    2. In the legal licensing of intellectual property rights from Daikin and other companies, observe the scope of use specified in the contract when using those property rights. For example, be thorough in making sure you are not making illegal copies of software.
  3. Do Not Copy Other Companies’ Products
    In the interests of fair competition, do not without permission imitate the products (or parts) of any other companies during the development, manufacture, or sale of your products
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