Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

6. Proper management and utilization of information

Properly manage and efficiently utilize confidential information and personal information of your own and other companies, and always ensure that such information is obtained under lawful means.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Properly Manage and Utilize Your Company’s Confidential Information
    1. Properly manage and utilize the confidential information of your company to prevent it from leaking to outside the company.
    2. Should the disclosure of confidential information of your company become necessary, thoroughly consider the disclosure method, the scope of the confidential information to be disclosed, and other matters, and take measures such as signing confidentiality agreements in order to prevent the confidential information from leaking to third parties.
    3. Ensure that employees leaving your company do not leak confidential information that they obtained during their tenure with the company.
  2. Fairly Obtain and Properly use the Confidential Information of Other Companies
    1. When obtaining confidential information of other companies, acquire this information by proper methods and from a person with authority to disclose it.
    2. Upon acquiring confidential information from another company, confine its use to the scope specified in the confidentially agreement and properly manage the information as if you were handling the confidential information of your own company.
  3. Properly Handle Personal Information
    1. When acquiring personal information, convey to the individual in question the purpose of use of the information and restrict its use to this purpose.
    2. Do everything possible to prevent the leak of personal information that is entrusted to you from business partners, employees, and others.
    3. Take the appropriate measures regarding requests by individuals to disclose, correct, or delete any of the personal information that you have stored in your database.
  4. Appropriately Manage Personal Information Systems
    1. Protect your company’s IT system (computer systems, networks, and information property kept within the computer systems), and build an environment for its proper use.
    2. Always be on guard for cyber attacks such as computer viruses from outside your company. If by chance your company is attacked, have measures in place to prevent against actual damage from viruses.
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