Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

8. Timely and proper disclosure of corporate information

When stakeholders make requests for information based on proper reasons and conditions, do everything possible to disclose such information in a timely manner, and strive to further communication with stakeholders.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Be a Highly Transparent and Open Company that Earns the Respect of Society
    If Daikin or other group companies make requests for information on your company’s business based on proper reasons and conditions, disclose such information in a proactive and timely manner. In addition, build a relationship of trust with Daikin through communication and strive to be a highly transparent and open company.
  2. Disclose Investor Information in a Timely and Appropriate Manner
    Disclose investor information to your stakeholders in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition, disclose valuable and reliable information on your management philosophy, management strategy, business plans, and other facets of business in a proactive, appropriate, and timely manner so that your stockholders gain a full understanding of your enterprise’s management.
  3. Cooperate in Inspection Tours and Audits of Your Factories
    Cooperate in every way possible with requests from Daikin for inspection tours or audits (regarding quality, safety, or other necessary matters) of your factories.
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