Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

9. Preservation of the global environment

Observe all applicable laws and regulations in each country and world region, and practice initiatives that preserve and improve the global environment in all aspects of your business operations, including product develop, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and service.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Observe Environmental Laws and Regulations
    In the execution of your business activities, observe environmental laws and regulations, reduce the environmental load of business activities, and take measures to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Implement Measures to Protect the Environment in All Aspects of Business
    Work with Daikin and other business partners and suppliers to carry out environmental protection activities in all aspects of your business operations, including manufacturing, distribution, sales, and after-sales service.
  3. Contribute to Environmental Preservation through Product Development and Technological Innovation
    Pursue development and technological innovation of products (and parts) with superior environmental performance while having a firm, quantitative understanding, from the planning and design stages in product development, of the impact that your business has on the environment.
  4. Environmental Communication
    Pursue honest and fair disclosure of information on your company’s environmentally related efforts and successes. In addition, in your initiatives, utilize outside knowledge obtained through, for example, dialogue with stakeholders.
  5. Encourage Employees to Preserve the Environment Both in the Workplace and at Home
    Contribute to local communities and society by increasing environmental knowledge and awareness among your employees through environmental education and volunteer activities, reduce environmental load with energy savings and resource conservation in the workplace and at home, and tackle initiatives for biodiversity conservation that protect nature and recycle.
  6. Prevent Environmental and Health Hazards in the Community
    Be aware of the environmental impact that your business has on not only your factory but on its surroundings as well so that you do not cause environmental and health hazards in the community.
  7. Cooperate with Green Procurement Surveys and Strive to Improve Green Procurement
    Cooperate in all aspects of Daikin’s Green Procurement Surveys, and continuously strive to improve your company’s Green Procurement Score on these surveys.
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