Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

13. Proper handling of accounting procedures

Perform accounting procedures lawfully and properly according to accounting standards and tax laws, and strive for a high level of internal control.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Pay Expenses Properly
    When paying expenses, use all possible means, including internal rules under which multiple people conduct checks, as part of strict measures to ensure the avoidance of unfair or improper expense payments.
  2. Ensure Fair Accounting
    Conduct accounting based on generally accepted corporate accounting principles in order to ensure the accuracy of your accounting and financial data. Likewise, build and maintain an appropriate internal control system to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting.
  3. Observe Tax Laws
    1. Pay taxes in accordance with relevant tax laws.
    2. For overseas transactions, including transactions by companies in your corporate group, carefully check how tax laws apply in the countries of your group companies’ and in the countries of the companies your group companies are dealing with.
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