Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

15. Firm stance toward anti-social behavior

Take a firm attitude against anti-social forces and organizations that threaten the safety and order of citizens.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Prohibit the Giving of Material Benefits to any Person Regarding the Exercise of Shareholders’ Rights
    Prohibit the giving of material benefits to any person regarding the exercise of shareholders’ rights.
  2. Prohibit Dealings with Anti-social Forces and Organizations
    1. Do not take part in dealings that serve as supporting or providing illegal profit to any anti-social forces or organizations.
    2. Do not enlist the support of anti-social forces or organizations in pursuit of business activities.
  3. Institute Zero Tolerance of Anti-social Forces and Organizations
    1. Do not meet any unjustified or unreasonable demands of any criminal groups or organizations.
    2. If contacted by an anti-social force or organization, handle the matter on an organization basis, not an individual basis. Moreover, regularly work to build a specific link between law enforcement officers and outside specialists such as lawyers, and in the case of an emergency take appropriate measures through both civil and criminal legal channels in cooperation with outside specialists.
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