Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

3. Free Competition and Fair Business Dealings

Pursue honest business activities by engaging in honest competition in abidance with Japan's Antimonopoly Act and the relevant laws of other countries and regions, and by abiding with other laws related to business dealings.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Observance the Antimonopoly Act
    1. To ensure free competition, do not enter into agreements with your competitors in any country to predetermine pricing, production and sales quantity, production and sales models, business partners, sales territory, date of product launch, or similar anti-competitive action.
    2. In the case of tendered bids and quotations, do not enter into any agreements with your competitors to predetermine bid price or bid recipient.
    3. Do not unfairly inhibit your dealers from selling other companies' products, nor restrict their sales territories, sales routes, purchase routes, or take any similar action in violation of the Anti-Monopoly Act or other fair-trade laws.
    4. Observe the laws and regulations relating to fair competition in each country and region, and conduct fair and honest business activities.
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