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Value with Air

Value with Air


As a company that prides itself on providing solutions with air, Daikin continues to pursue and create new value with air. In Daikin’s long-term policy outlined in Environmental Vision 2050, we have indicated our determination to resolve social issues with products and solutions that utilize the strength of air.

We will continue to meet the needs for safety, reliability, health and, comfort of people around the world using the technology we have refined as a manufacturer exclusively dedicated to air conditioning, air purification, and disinfection. Furthermore, we will also take on the challenge of creating an air environment that brings positive physical and psychological effects, such as improved productivity, and enhances quality of life.

Image: The power of air

Image: The power of air

Ventilation and air purification

Our lifestyle and behavioral patterns have drastically changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and we have also become more aware of indoor air quality. Effective ventilation has especially become more important, which together with conventional air purification, have become necessities in quality of life. At Daikin, we pursue ventilation and air purification with excellent comfort and energy efficiency through our years of experience with heat exchange and energy conservation technology.

Confirmed streamer technology inactivates the COVID-19 virus

Daikin, together with the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, has demonstrated* the ability of Daikin’s streamer technology to inactive variants of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Our streamer technology rolled out in 2004 is an air purifying technology that decomposes harmful substances by oxidation with streamer discharge. To date, its effectiveness against viruses such as avian influenza virus (type A H5N1), bacteria such as E. coli, and more than 60 types of allergens, including cedar pollen have been demonstrated at public research institutes. Testing of streamer discharge was also conducted on the COVID-19 virus. The results showed that more than 99.9% of alpha, beta, and gamma variants and 99.8% of delta variant were inactivated with four-hour exposure to streamer discharge, and over 99.9% of omicron variant was inactivated with two-hour exposure, in comparison to natural decay.

The results reflect the test condition in which a streamer generator was used, and do not indicate effect of the actual machine or actual usage environment.

Survival of virus variants in comparison to natural decay

Survival of virus variants in comparison to natural decay

Launch of 4 UV Streamer air purifiers

Since December 2021, Daikin sequentially released four commercial air purifiers equipped with its proprietary streamer technology and UVC LED, which eradiates deep ultraviolet at a wavelength of 265 nm, offering a high antiviral and antibacterial effect. As the government of Japan aims for economic recovery, the use of air purifiers is recommended* for spaces with insufficient ventilation. These newly released products answer the need for suppressing viruses in commercial spaces.

The UV Humidifying Streamer air purifier is suitable for spaces where people are present for a long period of time, such as nursing care facilities and hospitals. The Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type UV Streamer air purifier and UV Streamer Disinfection Unit built into the outdoor air conditioning unit are suitable for closed spaces such as restaurants. The UV Powerful Streamer air purifier with large volume fan is suitable for large spaces where many people come and go, such as entrance lobbies to offices.

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Daikin’s development of air purifiers. Going forward, we will continue to make contributions to creating an air environment where everyone can feel safe.

Source: Release of information: how to ensure proper ventilation in poor-ventilated closed spaces in winter (November 27), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (available in Japanese only)
UV Streamer Air Purifier Series

UV Streamer Air Purifier Series

Formulated reference guidelines on infectious disease control for schools through industry-academia collaboration

Through industry-academic collaboration, Daikin has formulated a reference guideline for school administrators that summarizes specific measures on how to prepare the indoor environment to reduce the risks of respiratory infections, such as COVID-19, as published by government and public agencies, including the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, based on technical experiments.

This reference guideline reviews the results of research conducted between Daikin and the University of Tokyo on airborne and aerosol transmission* countermeasures, and between the University of Tokyo and Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. on countermeasures to infection through contact transmission. We formulated specific suggestions based on the results from joint field experiments and simulations conducted in schools between the three parties.

In school settings, many students generally spend a long time together in one classroom space. Not only it is difficult to ventilate air without ensuring the distance between bodies and compromising comfort, but regular disinfection work also requires time and effort. The reference guideline contains measures to handle ventilation, and suggests antiviral/antibacterial coating on places that are frequently touched by people and locations where infectious droplets tend to remain for a long period of time. By providing practical and specific measures that can be implemented at an early stage at existing school facilities and expand their implementation, we can expect to create a safer, secure, and more comfortable learning environment.

Aerosol transmission refers to transmission of infection by inhalation of airborne fine particles of relatively small particle size generated in the process of droplets containing bacteria, viruses, etc. emitted from an infected person evaporating and becoming droplet nuclei of small particle size.

Venti-air, an Exposed Installation Total Heat Exchanger Unit that Achieves both Ventilation and Energy Saving for Business Stores, etc.

Venti-air, an exposed installation type of total heat exchanger unit, is a commercial ventilation equipment that can be used in small spaces. It is equipped with a built-in energy recovery apparatus to prevent cool or hot air to escape from indoors, and achieves efficient ventilation without compromising the energy efficiency. In comparison to installation of a general ventilation equipment, this product is capable of reducing 26% of the increased power consumption.* The energy saving performance and ease of retrofit installation on an existing building has earned the product the Chairman Prize of Energy Conservation Center, Japan, in the product and business model of the fiscal 2020 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

The design is also familiar to the interior of cafes and shops, making it easy for store to adopt the exposed installation type model, as well as giving rise to having conversation with customers on ventilation.

Surveyed by Daikin, as a comparison to common ventilation equipment (250 m3/h) in a small sized store of 25 m2 to meet the recommendation of 30 m3/h/person by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Example of exposed Venti-air installation

Example of exposed Venti-air installation

DESICA Series highly rated for both commercial and detached home use

Requiring no water drainage or supply pipes, commercial grade DESICA instead uses outside air to control humidity, either humidifying or dehumidifying. Equipped with the Hybrid DESICA Element, which contains both highly efficient water absorption material and a heat exchanger, it consumes just one-sixth the energy of conventional devices (according to Daikin tests).

DESICA HOME AIR for detached homes, which controls humidity and ventilation throughout the entire house, provides high-quality air and energy efficiency. Just one unit offers round-the-clock, year-round comfort control for all rooms in homes with floor space of between 120 m2 and 200 m2. Because it is floor standing, maintenance such as replacement and cleaning of the high-performance filter is easy. The DESICA HOME AIR has been adopted in many homes.


Customers achieve the best balance of temperature and humidity by choosing a product and combination of parts from the extensive lineup.

Suggestion for Combining All-Room Air Conditioning with DESICA

Suggestion for Combining Individual Air Conditioners with DESICA

Respond to air pollution

We are contributing to reducing air pollution and improving air environment with our filter technology effectively collects dust and purifies the air. Since 2007, we have been expanding our product lineup and expanding technologies through M&A. We have been playing a part in providing a safe and reliable air environment in spaces including residences, large factories, and clean rooms. We have been focusing on the creation of new solutions through the integration of filter and air conditioning technologies and collaboration between industries. One example from 2020 is the release of products such as “negative pressure booth” that prevents the dispersion of air containing viruses, which has a lowered air pressure inside the booth space than outside.

Extending the shelf life of foods

Daikin provides support to the world’s food logistics with its refrigeration and freezing technology with a control range between minus 30°C and plus 30°C.

In addition to the detailed temperature control capability, we added a proprietary technology called Active CA to freezer and refrigerator for marine containers in 2015. The technology optimizes the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the container to suppress the air exchange of fresh produce and delay ripening. This contributes to reducing food loss during long periods of transportation.

Embracing the challenge to achieve air that enhances quality of life

Daikin is in pursuit of safety, reliability, health, and comfort as well as value with air that transcends boundaries. Our ideal air is something that promotes healthy minds and bodies, facilitates study and work, and creates smiles among families and friends. We will embrace the challenge to create an ideal air environment that enhances people’s quality of life with an eye toward the future.

New business models

Daikin strives to create and utilize new business models in order to resolve issues related to air conditioning for every person and in every corner of the world. We have commercialized air conditioning services without having to purchase or own for consumers to enjoy their desirable air environment via XaaS* and subscription-based services.

XaaS is shorthand for X as a Service, which is a general term of services provided via the Internet. There are other terms such as Product as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) that refer to the provision of “services” instead of “products” to users.

Subscription-based Air Conditioning Business in the United Republic of Tanzania

Between November 2019 and February 2020, Daikin conducted a demonstration test on the air conditioning subscription business and payment system using mobile money in the United Republic of Tanzania. We utilized the business know-how, human resources, and sales network of WASSHA Inc. in Tanzania, which provides electricity services to non-electrified areas of Africa using IoT technology. The demonstration test involved introducing a subscription-based service for Daikin's highly efficient air conditioners at small shops and homes in Tanzania.

Following the verification of the feasibility of our business model and potential for contributing to the resolution of social issues by the test, we established a joint venture Baridi Baridi Inc. in June 2020. The company name was coined from the word baridi, which means cooling in the East African language of Swahili, with the hope of delivering comfortable spaces.

In April 2021, 90 units were contracted as a result of soft launch of the subscription-based service for air conditioners via mobile app. The service was officially launched in October of the same year. As of the end of December 2021, a total of 162 units have been contracted for use in small stores, small offices, and general households.

AaaS, a one-step service for air conditioner adoption and operation management

People, who buy an air conditioner, want a comfortable air environment for as long as possible. To satisfy this want, instead of simply selling air conditioners, Daikin needs to identify and provide methods by which consumers can use the functions of its products in the best way possible. That is, we need to change our approach from goods to experiences to deliver services with the most optimal approach to using air conditioning for customers, users and the environment.

Daikin has developed a new PaaS* service called Air as a Service (AaaS) together with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and began its operations in 2008. AaaS provides Daikin's business resources of air conditioner development and operation along with maintenance services as a package. AaaS is a monthly subscription-based air conditioning service that eliminates the need to purchase air conditioners. Under this service, Daikin provides everything from air conditioner selection and installation to optimal operation, energy management and maintenance as a one-stop service. During the term of the contract, Daikin guarantees the stable operation of its air conditioners using preventive maintenance based on detection of breakdowns. There are no repair costs should a breakdown occur, and all statutory inspections are conducted by Daikin. AaaS can lower a customer's overhead and workforce in terms of upfront installation of air conditioners, electricity consumption, and operations management.

Daikin has concluded AaaS contracts with 31 customers over the past three years from 2018 to 2020. Uegahara Hospital in Hyogo Prefecture is one of these customers. It has been able to reduce electricity consumption from air conditioning by 36.8% over two years compared to before. In addition, staff members are able to focus on their work and a comfortable air environment is maintained for patients.

PaaS: An acronym for Product as a Service.

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