Group Conduct Guidelines

7. Timely and Appropriate Disclosure of Corporate Information

In order to be an "open company" with high transparency and earn the respect of society, we shall actively convey corporate information in a timely fashion ,not only to shareholders and investors but also to a wide spectrum of society, and engage in two-way communication.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Establishing a reliable, transparent, and "open company"
    1. We shall actively provide information on our corporate activities to all persons and entities having vested interests in our Group such as stockholders, investors, customers, and vendors. Additionally, when receiving their opinions on our Group, we shall consider their opinions and reflect them in our corporate activities so that we can be a reliable, transparent, and "open company" society at large.
  2. Timely and appropriate disclosure of investor information
    1. We shall disclose investor information (securities reports, etc.,) to our stockholders, investors, and others in accordance with the laws and regulations. In addition, we shall proactively, appropriately, and in a timely manner disclose valuable and reliable information on our management philosophy, management strategy, business plans, etc., so that our stockholders, investors, and others gain a full understanding of our enterprise management.
    2. The Information Disclosure Committee shall determine the validity and appropriateness regarding disclosure of particularly important information with the aim of providing even greater accountability.
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