Group Conduct Guidelines

8. Preservation of the Global Environment

We shall observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations of each country and region and practice initiatives that preserve the global environment in all aspects of our business operations, including product development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and services. Also, each and every one of us shall deepen our knowledge of environmental issues, reduce the environmental load in the workplace and at home, and strive toward biodiversity conservation.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Observing environmental laws and regulations
    1. In the execution of our business activities, we shall observe environmental laws and regulations of and work to reduce the environmental load and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Employing activities for the protection of the environment in the workplace
    1. The Group shall be united in the promotion of environmental activities. All employees shall have the same awareness and engage in environmental activities in all aspects of our business operations including procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and after-sales service in cooperation with our suppliers and other business partners.
  3. Product development and technological innovation contributing to environmental preservation
    1. We shall promote product development and technological innovation excelling in environmental performance with a firm, quantitative understanding from the planning and design stages in product development of the impact our business has on the environment. Furthermore we shall work to accelerate widespread adoption on a global basis for these products and technologies with high environmental performance.
  4. Environmental communication
    1. We shall honestly and fairly disclose information relating to the environment such as our initiatives and results for preservation of the environment. Furthermore, we shall utilize the outside knowledge receive through such means as two-way dialogue with stakeholders in our initiatives.
  5. Promoting of activities for environmental preservation by each employee in the workplace and at home
    1. We shall contribute to local communities and society by increasing environmental knowledge and awareness through environmental education and volunteer activities, reduce environmental load with energy savings and resource conservation in the workplace and at home, and tackle initiatives for biodiversity conservation that protect nature and recycle.
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