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Human Resources

Fostering Human Resources

Basic Policy

Daikin conducts fundamental human resources development based on on-the-job training,* following its belief that people grow through work experience and the cumulative growth of all group members serves as the foundation for the group's development, as one of the principles of Our Group Philosophy. In addition, Daikin implements many training programs with consideration for the company’s strategy and business direction as well as the change of times, including internal lectures that fosters technical development personnel in the field of AI, and oversea base practical training for fostering young, globally-minded employees.

Moreover, in order to foster as many global business leaders as possible who will support the growth and development of the Group, Daikin will strengthen measures to develop managerial executives and next-generation leaders in each region and base to further refine the training of executives and leaders.

Employees learn and acquire the general knowledge, technical knowledge, skills, and commitment required of their positions while performing their jobs.

Education Measures

Raising up Personnel to Implement Our Group Philosophy

With the Group's growing global business expansion and demand for response to change, Daikin is cultivating human resources who will understand and practice Daikin Group’s philosophy, while possessing the management skills to guide employees with a diverse range of values in a common direction and ability to look to the future in posing their own questions.

Accordingly, Daikin is enhancing training opportunities at Daikin Ales Aoya Global Training Center and Eau de Ciel Tateshina Seminar House, which include managerial training and skills and technical training.

In addition, we continue to boost human resources, such as by boosting global recruitment, increasing the number of inter-regional and international deployments, and creating competitive assessment and reward systems, and facilitate mutual communications between divisions and bases.

Education System

Education System

Main Training Programs

Training name Purpose Results in the fiscal year
New Employee Training

To learn “Basics for Members of the Society,” “Daikin’s Business,” and “Practical Skills and Mindset for Work”
To gain understanding of what is an ideal employee and people-centered management, and to consider what is required of an employee to advance themselves as their role changes from a student to a member of the society, and connect to their resolution and goal for the next chapter.

One and a half months following the welcome ceremony
(This includes five nights and six days at the Daikin Ales Aoya Global Training Center in Tottori)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training was conducted as a mix of online and at-home training using IT tools, while the overnight training was cancelled. Group training and factory tour for learning the basics of manufacturing were conducted following infection control protocols.

Moreover, as an initiative to enable employees to feel the connection with society and people despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have launched the Feel the Connection program, whereby each new employee is supported by a senior employee using IT tools. This program enables senior employees to answer questions or concerns each new employee may have as well as have a dialogue on how to approach work with the aims of fostering a sense of connection to the company and its people.

Participants: 404 people (Regularly recruited 404 employees)

Overseas Base Practical Training

To foster internationally minded employees who can lead our global business in future, we send young employees to work at overseas bases.
Unlike other Daikin employees working overseas, these people take on practical work projects as they cooperate with local dealers, suppliers, business partners, and universities, striving to think outside the box, take on new challenges, and improve their abilities to communicate within foreign cultures.

Between one and two years at overseas bases

Fiscal 2021 result: 28 employees
Total number of employees dispatched since fiscal 1999: 346 employees
Global Training Program for Overseas Personnel We have held the Global Training Program in Japan to train young employees from Daikin overseas bases. Through training, participants deepen their understanding in areas such as Daikin technologies, quality, and production technologies, so that they can lead Daikin's worldwide efforts at their respective overseas bases. A cumulative total of 33 trainees have taken this training between fiscal 2015 and 2019.
Work-Study Programs in Japan Daikin sends young employees to universities in Japan in order to improve their technological skills, acquire MBAs, widen their perspective, and build human resource networks. Six Daikin employees were sent to study at Toyota Technological Institute.

Training Next-Generation Executives and Leaders

Training by the Entire Group

The entire Group is training executives and business leaders who will shoulder the responsibility of future growth and development.

Target trainees are divided into three classes: director class, division manager/general manager class, and section manager/leader class, and provided with a specialized training program (see table below). At the same time, training for executives and leaders is also conducted at each region and base.

Overview of the Next-Generation Executive Development Program

Overview of the Next-Generation Executive Development Program

Program name Targets
1) New Executives Program New executives
2) Group Leadership Development Program Division managers and general managers
(From Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan) and overseas Group companies)
3) Next-generation Leaders Training Section managers and leaders
(From Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan))
4) Daikin Executive Program (D-EP) Executives and managers at overseas bases
(From overseas Group companies)

Training in Each Region and Base

In order to expand our business from the human resources perspective, we are also conducting executives and leaders training in each region and base. In fiscal 2021, we conducted the following initiatives in each location.

In the United States, we held the Unlimited Potential Program to foster executives and leaders among managers from multiple companies located in the country. The program involved three one-week sessions for 24 participants to consider leadership in the context of people-centered management.

At Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd., we conducted the Management Dojo over nine days with the aim of improving leadership management skills among 26 middle-management participants. We strive to cultivate future leaders who possess the knowledge of Daikin’s unique business and leadership.

At Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), Young Executives Program is conducted with the aim of fostering young leaders. The program consists of seven courses in total spanning from practical online training to interpersonal skills training for improving communications. A total of 306 people participated.

At Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd. (India), we are striving to enhance the online based leadership training program, and have implemented 12 programs including specialized field training and human resources development training.

At Daikin Europe N.V. (Belgium), we conducted the training program called Management Development Journey, which focuses on the practice of people-centered management and leadership targeting middle and senior management.

Management Dojo (Thailand)

Management Dojo (Thailand)

Fostering Monotsukuri Human Resources

Focus on Excellent Skilled Engineers Conveying Techniques to Overseas Bases and the Training of Advanced Skilled Engineers

Daikin fosters human resources capable of passing on the skills that are the foundation of our monotsukuri. Daikin has set a goal of having 1 in 4 employees working in production worldwide be an excellent skilled engineer or an advanced skilled engineer, both of whom possess advanced skills and knowledge and leadership abilities. At Daikin in Japan in fiscal 2020, this rate was 1 in 3.3. As our business expands globally, we are stepping up our worldwide training.

In the air conditioning divisions, workers with advanced skills are designated as “Takumi” after demonstrating their mastery in the areas of brazing, lathing, sheet metal working, arc welding, die making, and tooling.
The chemicals divisions have a system to designate Experts, who pass their advanced skills on to others. These Takumi and Experts teach their skills at Daikin bases worldwide, thus fostering future engineers and technical leaders.

In addition, we have established a new trainer system to foster future Takumi and Experts and thus make up for a shortage of their numbers.

As of the end of fiscal 2021, there were 23 Takumi and 116 Trainers (34 in Japan, 82 at overseas bases) in the air conditioning divisions. The chemicals divisions had nine Experts and 10 Trainers (six in Japan, four at overseas bases).


Skills Competitions and Skills Training Boost Level of Production Workers

Once every two years, the Global Skills Competition for Daikin's worldwide production bases is held with the aim of boosting the skills of employees in manufacturing. In addition to practical skills such as assembly and disassembly, participants take written tests that confirm their knowledge about dealing appropriately with workplace accidents.

In years when there are no skills competition held, we hold skills training sessions for future leaders, with Takumi, Experts, and Trainers as the instructors.

In fiscal 2021, the Skills Competition was cancelled for the air conditioning divisions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, competitions were held at each domestic plant (363 participants), as well as at each overseas base by region and location. For the chemicals divisions, Skills Olympics were held by each plant according to the job type, with 61 employees competed in Chemical Plant Operation.

Skills workshops are also held at overseas group companies and among companies in certain world regions. Participants at each Daikin base share information such as how well skills are being passed down, problems, and goals, as part of the overall effort in the Daikin Group to foster human resources possessing a high level of skills.

Skills Competition

Skills Competition

Fostering Human Resources in the AI Field

Daikin Information and Communications Technology College

Daikin Information and Communications Technology College was established as an institute to foster human resources in the digital fields* to meet the rapidly changing structures of industry and society.
The college invites professors from universities such as Osaka University and leading-edge research institutes to give a wide range of courses in everything from basics such as math to programming, machine learning, and applied AI.
We are accelerating the pace at which we foster managers and existing and new employees and have reached the goal of completing digital training for 1,000 employees by the end of fiscal 2021, and have set the goal of doing the same for 1,500 employees by the end of fiscal 2023.

By the end of fiscal 2021, approximately 300 new employees who have completed the two-year training were assigned to their respective divisions, and began undertaking jobs on the themes of creating new businesses and streamlining business processes using digital technology at the core.

We aim to train innovators in digital technology and AI who are capable of putting their specialized knowledge into action as well as inspiring others around them to do the same.

Activity details

Name Objective Details
Fostering Digital Human Resources Among Newly Hired Employees Fosters specialist human resources in digital solutions unique to Daikin who understand technology in air conditioning and chemicals, etc. [First year]
AI knowledge (using AI technologies from Osaka University), real data analysis using AI, IoT knowledge, business division knowledge and business model, etc.
[Second year]
Project-based learning (PBL using frontline data)
AI Technology Development Fosters human resources who can externally outsource development using AI technologies and AI development
  • AI knowledge (using AI technologies from Osaka University),
  • Project-based learning (PBL using frontline data)
System Development Fosters human resources who can externally outsource systems development and development of systems needed for introducing AI to existing systems
  • System development project management training
  • On the job training (system development exercising using internal data)
AI Utilization for Managers Fostering managers and leaders that play the role in data utilization strategy
  • Fundamentals of data utilization (AI literacy, AI business knowledge training)
  • On the job training in data utilization (training on AI-themed planning and implementation)

Fostering Young Engineers and Technicians

Experienced Workers Pass On Techniques and Skills

Since 1994, Daikin Industries, Ltd. has worked to boost the level of its manufacturing by having a Kaizen Team of experienced workers lead a 4 to 6-months training for young employees in the production division.

In the air conditioning divisions, practical training is provided on electrical circuit design, sheet metal processing, arc welding, circuit application, and more. We are fostering skilled employees who can promptly perform update maintenance on the production line (cumulative total of over 300 participants between Sakai and Shiga plants as of fiscal 2021).

In the chemicals divisions, we are training human resources to continuously enhance SQCDE* at chemical plants by teaching the skills for basic operations and detection of abnormalities and modulations.

Acronym for safety, quality, cost, delivery, and environment

Fostering Service Engineers

We have established an essential knowledge and skills training system for improving service quality.

At Daikin, we are conducting training of service engineers who are responsible for the maintenance of products. We conduct basic training on air conditioner service quality for service engineers, as well as various training and qualification acquisition training for each level and position type.

Fostering Students in Science and Technology

Supporting Development and Employment of Science and Technology Students in Emerging Countries

Daikin is focused on development and employment assistance for science and technology students particularly in emerging countries in order to foster engineers critical to the spread of air conditioning around the world.


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