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Human Resources

Employee Evaluation and Treatment

Basic Policy

Daikin offers "fairness of opportunity and reward": a workplace where employees are rewarded for putting their motivation to work and taking every opportunity for success.

Employee Evaluation and Treatment

Fair Evaluation and Compensation Structure

In fiscal 2001, Daikin Industries, Ltd. eliminated standardized wage scales based on age and seniority, along with uniform pay raises. Instead, we switched to a compensation system that rewards performance, not age or seniority.

Our performance evaluation focuses on how well employees improve their abilities. This evaluation also looks at job results in three categories called achievements, challenging spirit, and growth. To ensure even greater fairness of evaluation, managers evaluate their staff only after consulting with other managers. Employees are also evaluated based on their level of contribution to company successes and to the organization as a whole. In 2002, this compensation system was extended to include Daikin Group companies in Japan.

In addition, we have begun formulating a global, Group-wide human resources policy that includes evaluation and compensation in aiming to implement personnel measures that promote the desire to work and a sense of job satisfaction for all employees throughout the entire Group.

Job Placement and Transfer Mindful of Employee Circumstances

Whenever possible, Daikin Industries, Ltd. asks new employees where they want to work and if possible assigns them to the departments and sections of their choice. If new employees cannot be placed in the department or section of their desire due to personal aptitude and company needs, we do all we can to gain their understanding.

Every year, employees fill out their own record of work, which includes a column for free comments about health, family, and job positions desired. When we consider transferring an employee, we look at these comments and talk to them in efforts to ensure, whenever possible, that their job desires and spirit of challenge is reflected in the posts they are assigned to. For employees who wish to work overseas, we have established a practical training system to support employees in foreign positions.

We will continue to build rewarding workplaces for our employees by matching their dreams and goals with those of Daikin.


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