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Environmental Management

Management Structure

Environmental Management

Toward the realization of a sustainable society, Daikin makes environmental issues, particularly response to alleviation of the effects of climate change, a key theme in its efforts to provide value to society through its business activities.

Air conditioners, our flagship products, consume large amounts of electricity, and the fluorocarbons they use as refrigerants contribute to climate change. In responding appropriately to the risks that could arise, we implement an environmental strategy, in which we disseminate the products that contribute to alleviating and adapting to climate change and services that are our main strength.

In order to promote environmental management throughout the Group, management of environmental issues related to climate change, water, and waste in each of the five regions including Japan, Europe, the U.S., China, and Asia-Oceania is achieved through regional environmental meetings and product environmental meetings.

Regional environmental meetings are held at each region annual and attended by environmental managers from each base. Efforts aimed at environmental burden reduction and biodiversity preservation are implemented at production bases.

In addition, regional environmental meetings are held every year and attended by promotional managers of each region in developing products with reduced environmental impact, such as air conditioners. Policies and implementation of development and promotion of environmentally conscious products are discussed, such as products that utilize refrigerants with lower global warming potential and energy efficient inverter technology.

Details discussed in regional environmental meetings and product environmental meetings are then deliberated by the CSR Committee, and reported to the Board of Directors after being proposed to the CEO.

System Driving Environmental Management

System Driving Environmental Management


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