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Collaboration with our customers

Daikin has been improving the energy efficiency of the air conditioners we provide. However, no matter how high we make the performance of our products, that performance cannot be realized if customers do not use them effectively.

We want to help our customers make the most of our products. To this end, we designed a system that enables users to use the energy-conserving functions of our air conditioners while having fun.

The energy-conserving "Ururu Sarara" room air conditioners that Daikin provides in Japan are equipped with "eco-point" system that is first of its kind in the industry. When customers use our air conditioners, each time they select "comfortable eco-operation" they can enjoy watching a tree grow on the screen of the remote control while they maximize their use of the energy-conserving function. Moreover, as a result of this they can participate in our reforestation project, which is a direct effort to protect the global environment.

By promoting the use of "comfortable eco-operation," not only is the consumption of energy reduced when these air conditioners are used, customers themselves can enjoyably participate in our reforestation efforts since these efforts are visualized by the growth of the tree.

While we have been working to make our air conditioners more energy efficient, we believe that it is also very crucial to make it as easy as possible for consumers to put their environmental intentions into practice.

We hope that taking steady steps in cooperation with our customers will contribute to "energy conservation that is comfortable for people and the Earth."

Participation process(This service is available only in Japan) [1]Use of air conditioner's energy-conserving setting [2]Eco-points accumulate [3]Participation in the Reforestation Project

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