Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

12. Protection of Company Assets

Properly manage the tangible and intangible assets of your company to protect and effectively utilize these assets.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Use Corporate Assets Only for Business Purposes
    Establish and enforce internal rules in order to effectively utilize your company’s assets and make them your own, and do not use these assets for any purpose other than company business.
  2. Protect Corporate Assets
    Enact protective measures for corporate assets (such as daily disaster-prevention activities) and always handle the assets with care to prevent their loss, damage, or theft.
    In addition, make every effort for appropriate credit management to limit exposure and prevent the occurrence of uncollectible debts.
  3. Properly Manage Corporate Assets
    Avoid speculative trading in the management of your company’s corporate assets (real estate, securities, etc.).
  4. Conclude Appropriate Contracts
    Before concluding an agreement, thoroughly examine the contractual terms of the agreement to ensure that your rights are secured and that you avoid assuming unreasonable obligations. In addition, fulfill the terms of the agreements you have concluded.
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