Temperature Control and CA for Food Distribution

Image:Temperature Control and CA for Food Distribution

Precise temperature control is required in refrigeration equipment of freezer and refrigeration containers that carry perishable food from regions of production to consumption. Daikin contributes to the distribution of food products by meeting a wide range of temperature needs ranging from -30℃ to 30℃ with trusted technologies proven in operation at worksites for international transportation. The addition of our unique CA function ※1 to refrigeration equipment helps ensure freshness of food materials for even longer periods of transportation. Daikin’s freezer and refrigeration containers are prominent around the world because of their reliable operation even under uncommon and harsh environments such as the tropical waters near the equator and the extremely cold waters near the Arctic Circle.

Controlled atmosphere is a function to suppress respiratory activity of fresh vegetables and fruits by injecting nitrogen removed from the atmosphere into the container to retard the ripening process.
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