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Stock Information

Stock Circumstances (As of 31 March 2022)

Securities identification code 6367
Financial instruments exchange listing Tokyo
Date of listing 14 May 1949
Number of shares authorized 500,000 thousand shares
Number of issued shares of stock 293,113 thousand shares
Number of shares in one trading unit 100
Fiscal Year From April 1 to March 31 of the succeeding year
General Meeting of Shareholders Every year in June
Relevant Dates General Meeting of Shareholders:  March 31
Term-End Dividend:  March 31
Interim Dividend:  September 30
Number of shareholders 29,906

Major Shareholders (As of 31 March 2022)

The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 61,402
(thousand shares)
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 20,035
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 9,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank 385632 7,763
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. Retirement Benefit Trust Account for The Norinchukin Bank 4,999
MUFG Bank, Ltd. 4,900
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account 4)
State Street Bank West Client - Treaty 505234
Sumitomo Life Insurance Company 3,595

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