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Daikin Introduces "Expert Ventilation Methods" on Website

Presenting content on ventilation for staying healthy and confident at home

April 30, 2020

On April 30, Daikin Industries, Ltd. added new content entitled "Expert Ventilation Methods" on its company website to provide the public with useful information on home ventilation for Japanese residences in English. (URL:

Amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, schools have closed, companies are promoting telework, and many people are spending time at home without leaving the house. As a preventative measure against infection of the virus, the Japanese government has warned against staying in closed spaces with poor ventilation, and this has led to even greater awareness for the need for ventilation. Being an air conditioner manufacturer, Daikin has received many inquiries relating to ventilation, and as a “company that provides solutions with air,” Daikin would like to help solve problems and publicize any information that may be useful in daily life. For this reason, it created the new content “Expert Ventilation Methods” for its company website.

For example, even though air conditioners commonly used in Japanese residences cannot ventilate indoor spaces, there are cases when people mistakenly believe that an air conditioner is performing ventilation. To correct any misconceptions, Daikin would like to provide accurate information relating to ventilation so that as many people as possible can expertly ventilate their living spaces. The new website content Daikin is providing uses simple terminology and numerous illustrations to present basic information and effective methods on home ventilation. In the future, the company plans to further expand content to include information relating to the ventilation of office buildings.

Daikin, as a company that provides solutions with air, will continue to bring comfortable air and confidence to customers around the world while pursuing the new possibilities of air and conveying its importance.

"Expert Ventilation Methods" ( URL:

Summary of Website Content for “Expert Ventilation Methods”

Opening Date April 30, 2020 (The Japanese version was released on April 10)
Main points

1.Basic Knowledge of Ventilation

What is ventilation?
What are pollutants?
Why do I need to ventilate?
Can't I use the air conditioner to ventilate?

2.Tips on Ventilation

What needs to be done for ventilating the house?

  • (1) Using the existing 24-hour ventilation system properly
  • (2) Opening the windows and creating an air passage
  • (3) Using the ventilation fan in the kitchen

Summary of Home Ventilation Methods

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