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Preventive Maintenance Service

To ensure greater energy savings, long product life, and comfort, Daikin offers these services.

Services Extending to All Products

Daikin’s after sales service specialists strive in helping customers prevent system and equipment breakdowns and maintain the long life of products.

Breakdown Prevention with Regular Maintenance

Trusted Daikin after sales service specialists ensure continued optimum performance with Regular maintenance.

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Long Product Life with Overhaul

Overhauls ensure optimum performance of HVAC equipment for energy savings and long product life.

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Services for Efficiency of Buildings and Factories

Daikin’s after sale service and maintenance for buildings and factories provide solutions for energy savings and long product life while ensuring customer peace of mind and comfort.

Prediction by Remote Monitoring

Comfort and safety is assured with prevention of breakdowns by predicting them before they happen.

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Energy Control by Weather Data

Performing remote tuning according to weather realizes energy savings.

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Cost and Energy Saving Support

Efficient energy saving plans are proposed based on accumulated data.

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