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Our Purchasing Philosophy / Policy

"Respect for Independece" & "Cooperation & Competition"

Fair Trade Based on an "Open Door" Policy
For potential suppliers in Japan or overseas who want to commence business with Daikin, we promise you an open and impartial opportunity regardless of your company's nationality, size or business record. In selecting our suppliers, we give primary consideration to economic factors such as quality, price, delivery time, continuity and stability of supply, and stability of management, as well as to technological development capabilities.
Mutual Development Based on Mutual Trust
Paying respect for free competition, Daikin aims to establish business relationship which may grow and develop based on mutual trust. In order to establish reliable relationship which can serve as a basis for long-term business, we try to negotiate for mutually acceptable conditions of business while keeping close contact with our suppliers.
Seeking Competent Suppliers
In order to make use of the best possible resources from all over the world, Daikin undertakes extensive international purchasing activities. We look for suppliers who can cooperate with us and supply products which are useful to the society through sharing common profits.
Obeying Laws and Keeping Secrets
In our purchasing activities as in all our fields of business, we make it a firm rule to obey the laws and have respect for their spirit. Moreover, we ensure that any confidential information relating to sales and technologies which we obtain through our activities will never be disclosed to the third parties without prior agreement of a supplier concerned.

Four Conditions We Ask Our Partners to Meet

"We permanently want to continue manufacturing the leading products of the era." To create such products, we believe it is very imporatnt for us to have our suppliers who possess more advanced new materials or technology than we do in certain fields take part in product development from an early stage.
"We want to continue supplying products which gain customers' trust." To maintain the trust of our customers, it is obviously important to manage strict inhouse quality control/assurance at both the design and production stages. In addition, it is necessary for us to continuously be supplied with quality components based on their high technological skill and strict quality control.
"We want to keep our products highly competitive in the market." To maintain our competitivity, we pursue after highly economical products. At the same time we always welcome your proposals on cost reduction and are willing to apply them to our products.
Delivery Time
"We want to deliver our products on time to our customers according to their diversified request." To achieve the above goal, we employ our unique PDS(Production of Daikin System). To ensure smooth operation of this system, we need stable and yet flexible supply of components by our suppliers.

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