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Environmental Management

Green Heart Factories and
Green Heart Offices

Green Heart Factories

Certifying Environmentally Conscious Plants Through an In-House Standard

The Daikin Group has an in-house standard for evaluating and certifying environmentally conscious plants for their environmental and social performance. Plants scoring at least 85 points out of 100 are certified as Green Heart Factories, while those scoring at least 95 points are certified as Super Green Heart Factories.

As of the end of fiscal 2015, three bases in Japan and four bases overseas had been certified as Super Green Heart Factories. In fiscal 2015, Rotex Heating Systems GmbH and Daikin Isitma ve Sogutma Sistemleri San. Tic. A. S. (Turkey) achieved Green Heart Factory status, bringing the total to five bases in Japan and 20 bases overseas.


Green Heart Offices

"Green Heart Office" Initiative

Daikin began the “Green Heart Office” initiative in fiscal 2011 to improve environmental consciousness at non-production bases. Awareness raising activities have included an environmental poster design contest aimed at promoting Green Heart Offices, with the winning entry being put up in Daikin offices for everyone to see. With these efforts gradually spreading through the Daikin Group, in fiscal 2014, we created a Green Heart Office checklist that we trialed in the Daikin Industries, Ltd. Head Office and the Tokyo Office.

The checklist includes a graph with the items “paper,” “garbage,” and “electricity” on the vertical axis, and the items “awareness” and “contribution” on the horizontal axis. In addition, we created the three ranks of Gold Class, Silver Class, and Bronze Class for each office zone. This allows us to make comparative assessments among bases.

We plan to expand this effort across the Daikin Group to raise the level of the Green Heart Office initiative.


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