Grants worldwide free access of basic patents for air conditioners using the low GWP refrigerant HFC-32*

As a response to the problem of climate change, an urgent need exists for conversion to refrigerants providing a lower impact to global warming. In 2011, Daikin granted free access to developing countries for 93 patents relating to air conditioners using low GWP refrigerant HFC-32 (R-32) and extended free worldwide access* to these in 2015. In 2019, it also extended its “Pledge for Non-assertion of Patents” to subsequently filed patents. These patents can be used free of charge without need for prior permission or written contract from Daikin. With this expansion, Daikin aims to facilitate further adoption of the HFC-32 refrigerant which has a lower impact to global warming than conventional refrigerants.

*93 patents related to the manufacture and sale of air conditioners using HFC-32

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