Development of VRV for Replacement Use

In the late 1990’s, air conditioning refrigerant shifted from R22 to R410a to protect the environment because R410a had a lower environmental impact than R22. The advance of air conditioners with low environmental impact matched the time VRV air conditioners using R22, which had been adopted 15 years earlier, were entering their replacement period. However, because of the large-scale installation involved, the shift did not go smoothly because of the required expense and time.

Seeing this, Daikin designed a method for reusing the existing piping by utilizing a thermally-driven secondary refrigeration system and filtering out impurities in the refrigerant. This significantly reduced the man hours needed for replacing the VRV multi-split systems. Today Daikin has made further advancements and developed a system that automatically performs all steps from refrigerant charging to system testing. As a result, Daikin has achieved even greater reduction in labor hours needed for installation. Daikin’s development greatly promotes the shift to new refrigerants and contributes to a lower environmental impact.

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