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Air That Brings about a Good Night’s Sleep

Feeling languid or having discomfort in your throat—
How helpful would it be if your air conditioner could sense and adjust to such subtle changes in your family’s physical condition?

If an AC can connect with your surroundings through IoT technology, it can open up endless possibilities. Imagine, by just sitting on a sensor-installed sofa, such data as your blood pressure, pulse, and circulation is transmitted to your AC, automatically fine-tuning the temperature and humidity according to your condition. Imagine your surroundings capturing the sound or vibration of your sneeze and swiftly removing viruses and pollens.

It may not be long until air conditioning responds to subtle changes in your family’s health may be realized.

Air that cares for your physical condition supports your entire family's health.

Comforting Air Regardless of the Room Layout

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For people to become healthier both mentally and physically, for people to advance further in their studies or work, and for family and friends to be full of smiles.

Daikin will realize such a vision by creating ideal air.

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