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Air That Responds to Diverse Needs in the Workplace

An office is a space where a diverse group of people comes together to work.
An ideal office is one in which every person can enjoy a pleasant working environment, wherever they may be on the office floor.

To realize such a work environment, Daikin thoroughly controls air circulation. By sending air 360 degrees in every direction along the ceiling with no blank spots, it eliminates uneven temperatures. It can also change the direction of airflow according to people’s preferences or circumstances. It can adjust the temperature for a hot-natured person as well as a cold-natured person.

If you can create a pleasant workplace, employees are happy and productivity will increase.

Air that responds to diverse needs in the workplace creates a pleasant environment in which everyone can work efficiently.

Air That Is Portable Anywhere

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For people to become healthier both mentally and physically, for people to advance further in their studies or work, and for family and friends to be full of smiles.

Daikin will realize such a vision by creating ideal air.

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