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Air That Simulates Regions around the World

If you can replicate air around the world in your own home, wouldn’t it expand your dreams?

If you could relax and read a book in your room, replicating the air in the highlands, you are able to pass time in fashion. If you could enjoy a conversation with a cool glass of wine, replicating the air of an afternoon beach, you can enjoy the feeling of being on a vacation. Moreover, if we can recreate the temperature, humidity, breeze, and water of tropical islands, it may be possible to produce tropical fruits in cold climates. People may be able to serve a cup of coffee made from a coffee tree they have grown in their homes, regardless of where they may live.

Air that replicates different regions around the world can put you in a travel mood while remaining in your own home.

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For people to become healthier both mentally and physically, for people to advance further in their studies or work, and for family and friends to be full of smiles.

Daikin will realize such a vision by creating ideal air.

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