Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

2. Provision of safe, high-quality products and services

Always strive to ensure safety and quality of products for end users.
If problems arise, take action promptly and appropriately.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Ensure the safety and quality of products and parts
    1. Abide by relevant product-safety laws and product-safety standards in Japan and other countries.
    2. To ensure quality of products (and parts), take measures including the establishment of a quality management system, so that in all processes, from design and manufacture to sales and after-sales service, your company can ensure the level of product safety and quality that Daikin demands.
    3. To ensure that products (and parts) can be used safely, upon request from Daikin, provide it without delay with documentation such as delivery specifications and technical documents.
    4. Strive to provide the safest and highest-quality products by promptly obtaining information on products (and parts) from within Daikin or from the market and by using this information to handle customer issues down the line and to provide the relevant company departments with proper customer feedback.

Documents required for submission:

  1. If your company’s products, or products that use your company’s products, have in the past been cited for a violation of product safety laws, provide documentation of the violation and the measures taken to resolve the problem.
  2. If your company has formulated its own safety standards related to parts (and products) regardless of laws or requests from customers, disclose the content of these standards.
  1. Respond promptly and appropriately when safety issues occur
    1. Gather information on accidents involving your company’s products (and parts), report this promptly to your company’s top management, and provide Daikin with appropriate information.
    2. If a safety issue occurs with your company’s product (or part), prioritize end user safety by promptly taking all possible measures to prevent further accidents or to minimize damage from the accident.
    3. Upon request from Daikin, promptly provide Daikin with a written report containing your company’s evaluation of the accident, its cause, and possible ways to deal with the problem.
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