TT Torens, Belgium

Building Information

Hasselt, Belgium
Number of floors:
18F & 15F
Total floor area:
8,575 m2

Equipment Installed

VRV (Heat pump and Heat recovery), Heat Reclaim Ventilator
Outdoor units:
47 units
Indoor units:
377 units
Heat Reclaim Ventilator:
47 units
Control system:
intelligent Manager


This project is unique for a number of reasons. First of all, the outdoor units of the Daikin VRV system are placed in mechanical shaft space on the outside of the building. Because of this it was not necessary to have mechanical floors in each of two towers. Second, the intelligent Manager centralized control system has been included for individual air conditioning management. Third, use of heatrecovery system, in combination with heat reclaim ventilator, means very low energy consumption.

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