Comparing Ductless & Ducted Air Conditioning

Did you know that there are two types of air conditioning systems?

Daikin Group has a comprehensive lineup of both ductless and ducted systems ranging from homes to large-size facilities including offices, stores, and buildings. Utilizing the features and strengths of each type, Daikin offers a wide range of solutions to match every environment.

(Individual Air Conditioning)

Indoor units are placed in each room for individual heating and cooling.

Each indoor unit operates independently to enable individual temperature settings.

(Central Air Conditioning)

Air is sent through ducts from one central location to heat and cool all rooms.

All rooms are air conditioned uniformly at the same temperature settings.



Independent control allows temperature adjustment of environments with infants and elderly people along with situations needing adjustment during the day.

Central control provides the convenience of a uniform environment and is suited for environments that remain largely constant during the day.

Offices and Facilities

Ductless allows environments with multiple interior spaces such as office and tenant buildings to independently adjust temperature by room.

Ducted provides uniform air conditioning for large open environments such as libraries, public facilities, and large retail stores.

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