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Fundamental CSR


Why is it Important?

The Daikin Group has 245 subsidiaries doing business in over 150 countries. With demand growing particularly quickly in emerging countries such as China, India, and countries in Latin America, we are accelerating the spread of our global business. To ensure that our business operates smoothly at each and every base, it is imperative that we take into consideration the cultural and historical background of each region in contributing as a member of the community and building a mutually beneficial relationship.


Based on the condition of fulfilling our corporate social responsibility of creating jobs and existing in harmony with local companies, our fundamental policy is to respect the culture and history of each country and region and, as a member of the regional society where we do business, foster strong ties with the community.

Centered around our pillars of protecting the environment, supporting education, and living in harmony with communities, our employees take the leading role in conducting activities that benefit communities and in solving social issues from a global perspective based on SDGs (sustainable development goals).


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