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Daikin’s Philosophy of
Social Contribution

Daikin’s Philosophy of Social Contribution

Three Pillars: Protecting the Environment, Supporting Education, Living in Harmony with Communities

The Daikin Group does business globally and strives to be a locally rooted company wherever it operates, with its employees taking the initiative in conducting activities that are valuable to local society.

Our Group Conduct Guidelines are the basis for action that Daikin employees must take, and they clearly state our aim of being a good corporate citizen that is trusted by society.

Under our Group Conduct Guidelines, based on our three pillars of protecting the environment, supporting education, and living in harmony with communities, we use our management resources to contribute to society in every way possible.

  1. Protecting the Environment
    As a worldwide provider of pleasant air environments, we contribute to solving environmental problems on a global scale. A particular focus is on activities that ensure we pass on to future generations the forests that nurture our Earth’s precious air.
  2. Supporting Education
    By contributing state-of-the-art technologies to society, we support education for future generations and help build a society where both technological advancement and sustainability are possible.
  3. Living in Harmony with Communities
    In conducting our business around the world, we help communities to progress proactively by providing them with the support they need in the areas of local culture, arts, sports, and disaster relief.

Charitable Activities

Donating to a Range of Causes: Art, Culture, Sport, Education, Etc.

The Daikin Group donates money to numerous arts, culture, sports, and educational programs as part of its social contribution efforts. Besides donating on a regular basis for the promotion of culture and sports in Okinawa and the Daikin Foundation for Contemporary Arts, we have in recent years been giving more to international exchange and cooperation causes as we strive to contribute to societies around the world.

Donations in FY2016 (Daikin Group)

Donations in FY2016 (Daikin Group)

Daikin Aids Victims of Natural Disaster

The Daikin Group gives donations to help victims and contribute to restoration following earthquakes and other natural disasters.

In fiscal 2016, Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd. made monetary donations to support victims of an earthquake in April 2015 in Nepal.

Daikin made a monetary donation of 10 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society to provide relief and rebuilding to benefit victims of the April 2016 earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan. In addition, we donated 10 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid victims of the October 2016 earthquake in Tottori, Japan.


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