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Human Resources

Why is it Important?

Responding to Rapid Globalization

The past 10 years have seen the rapid globalization of the Daikin Group, with the number of overseas employees today standing at five times that of a decade ago. In responding to stakeholder expectations amidst these changes, the human resources who carry out all our activities constitute a crucial asset.

The spread of air conditioning—and the comfort it brings to people at home and at work—is indispensable to economic growth in emerging countries. Air conditioners are thus becoming increasingly important and it is imperative that we foster the technicians who will support increasing product demand.



Air Conditioner Demand Growth Rate (Since 2000)

Air Conditioner Demand Growth Rate (Since 2000)


Respecting Individual Personalities and Values, and Maximizing the Potential of Each Employee

The Daikin Group advocates people-centered management in the belief that people are the source of a company’s competitiveness. We believe that these people—our human resources—represent the most crucial factor in ifully realizing Daikin’s strengths in the fields of “environment,” “new value creation,” and “customer satisfaction.” By utilizing the various unique personalities and strengths of our employees to bolster our organization, we aim to achieve sustainable growth of our business and the regions in which we do business.


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