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Fundamental CSR

Stakeholder Engagement

Why is it Important?

The business activities of a company have direct and indirect effects on stakeholders, society, and the environment. For a company to achieve sustainable growth, it must not simply act unilaterally but rather must pursue dialogue to grasp stakeholders’ concerns and expectations, and settle on management that creates a virtuous circle between all parties. This process is called stakeholder engagement and it is central to a company fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.


The Daikin Group’s main stakeholders are the customers to whom we provide the Group’s products and services, those directly affected by our business including shareholders, investors, employees, and business partners, as well as members of local communities, who are affected by our business activities. Moreover, the national and local governments of the countries where we do business, and those countries’ industry groups, are connected to our efforts to disseminate air conditioning technologies and improve the environmental performance of products and services. We thus pursue dialogue wherever possible with stakeholders and reflect their opinions in our management.


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