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Protecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the source of so many of the good things in our life. For example, our rich forests provide us with oxygen through photosynthesis, and they act as natural air conditioners by giving off water vapor that keeps atmospheric temperature from rising. As a company whose job it is to provide comfortable air environments, Daikin likes to call forests "nature's air conditioners". That's why we do all we can to protect the world's forests.

Protecting Biodiversity

Maintaining and Rejuvenating Ecosystem Balance

The Daikin Group works to maintain balance in the world's valuable nature and ecosystems so that we can help bring back the abundance of the natural world.

The Daikin Group's laboratories and recreational facilities contain areas for growing rare plants, and we work with botanists in protecting these. We also work to protect biodiversity in the forests of Indonesia and in Shiretoko, a World Nature Heritage site in Japan.

Biodiversity Awareness

Teaching Children the Importance of Biodiversity

Besides supporting employees in their volunteer work to protect biodiversity, the Daikin Group places great importance on providing information and education to the general public.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. developed the Circle of Life environmental education program for elementary school students, which focuses on biodiversity based on Daikin's reforestation efforts in Indonesia. In April 2010, we began providing schools around Japan with teaching materials free of charge.


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