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Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

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Environmental Management System

Building a Group-Wide Environmental Management Promotion System

The Daikin Group has built and operates an environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001. This EMS is shown in the diagram below.

The creation of environmental management systems is also proceeding at companies that are new to the Daikin Group. For bases that are already ISO 14001 certified, we are working toward certification for ISO 14001:2015.

To ensure the reliability of data and improve our mechanisms for environmental management, we have had data verified by a third party since fiscal 2013.

System Driving Environmental Management

System Driving Environmental Management

Ratio of Employees Belonging to Facilities That Obtained ISO 14001 Certification (FY2016)

Ratio of Employees Belonging to Facilities That Obtained ISO 14001 Certification (FY2016)

Building an Integrated EMS and Taking Environmental Action in Japan

In 1996, individual production bases in the Daikin Group in Japan began creating and operating their own EMS for the sake of environmental protection.

In 2004, based on a policy that advocated the integration of environmental and business activities and the full-fledged pursuit of environmental management, all bases and subsidiaries (including non-production bases) in Japan received integrated certification for ISO 14001, and this gave us a system for conducting environmental management across the entire group in Japan, including non-production bases such as sales companies. Each company division conducted business in its own environment-conscious way; for example, sales divisions carried out environmentally conscious marketing and design divisions designed products for minimal environmental impact.

In fiscal 2016, we began the move to certification for ISO 14001:2015 for all worldwide bases.


Global Environmental Meetings

Boosting Environmental Action by Sharing Information and Discussing Challenges

Touring an upgraded plant at Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. Touring an upgraded plant at Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.

To ensure the continuous improvement of the Daikin Group's environmental management, environmental meetings are held once a year in four regions (Europe, North America, China, and Asia/Oceania). In addition, once every two years Global Environmental Meetings are held. At the meetings, the company presidents, environmental heads, and environmental managers in each division at worldwide bases, along with the environmental managers in each division in Japan, share Group policy and medium and long-term targets.

In April 2017 the 3rd Global Environmental Meeting was held at Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. After touring an upgraded state-of-the-art plant, environmental heads from worldwide Daikin bases conducted an active discussion on the next stage of energy-efficiency activities.

Aware of the need to contribute to achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement, we are stepping up energy-efficiency efforts at our worldwide bases.


Environmental Audits

Audit by Internal Auditors and Third-Party Institutes

Daikin Group companies certified for the integrated EMS undergo annual internal audits performed by third-party certification institutes based on ISO 14001.

In fiscal 2016, to ensure compliance with the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons, the Daikin Group in Japan tightened its management of machinery. In addition, we confirmed how well Daikin branches were abiding with laws, and we noted any areas in which improvement was needed. We also tracked the status of upgrading to ISO 14001:2015.

Internal environmental audits held in the Daikin Group in Japan in fiscal 2016 revealed two major problems, which have now been remedied. No cases of major non-conformance were found by third-party certification institutes and we are now clear to upgrade to ISO 14001:2015.

Report from Audits (FY2016)

  Problems found from internal environmental audits Problems found by third-party certification institutes
Major non-conformance 2 0
Minor non-conformance 13 0
Items improved 115 9

Training Internal Auditors

There are currently 87 internal auditors undergoing training and skills improvement at the Daikin Group in Japan. New and experienced auditors work in pairs so as to pass on skills from one generation to the next and 4 new auditors work as assistant auditors. Internal auditors also take annual training to improve their skills and ensure standards are being thoroughly met.

In fiscal 2016 auditor training, we conducted training for internal auditors in order to ensure a smooth transition to ISO 14001:2015, which is a key step for Daikin.

In fiscal 2016, seven auditors were promoted to audit managers, and five assistant auditors were promoted to auditors.

We will continue to hold training under the internal auditor program, as well as have internal auditors experience audits in other parts of the organization, where they can find successful cases they can bring back and replicate, thus improving the overall level of audits in the Daikin Group.


Environmental Education

Environmental Education that Leads to Employee Awareness and Action

Be it through educational or on-the-job opportunities, the Daikin Group promotes employee awareness of how our business affects the environment to encourage employees to take positive action for its preservation.

In Japan, we hold e-learning on the intranet once a year in order to enhance employees' understanding about the environmental issues most important to Daikin. In fiscal 2016, our in-house environmental newsletter expanded beyond environmental information to include other areas of sustainability such as society and governance.

At overseas bases certified for ISO 14001, we hold environmental education for employees geared to the needs of each base.

PR and educational tools to raise employees' environmental awareness

In-house environmental newsletterIn-house environmental newsletter

E-learning textbookE-learning textbook

FY2016 Environmental Education (All Daikin Group Companies in Japan)

The Daikin Group in Japan conducted the following company-wide education. Individual company divisions also conducted their own educational activities.

Name of activity Personnel involved No. of times held
Environmental e-learning All employees Once

With the goal of raising environmental awareness and knowledge, participants learn about a wide range of environmental issues, especially those directly related to Daikin's business, such as global warming and ozone layer depletion, as well as new environmental topics each year that are relevant and current.

Toward reducing Daikin’s greenhouse gas emissions, in fiscal 2016 employees learned about Daikin’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through its business and social contribution activities; for example, through reductions during product use and production, and through protection of biodiversity.

Environmental managers education Environmental managers Once

Fluorocarbons have been coming under increasingly tight restrictions: these include enforcement of the Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons in 2015, the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21, and the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol adopted in 2016.

In fiscal 2016, educational activities shared information on these regulatory changes and on what the Daikin Group is doing in response, raising awareness about our contributions through business activities and deepening understanding about what kinds of action each Daikin division must take.


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