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Corporate Governance

Prohibiting Bribes

Basic Policy on Prohibiting Bribes

The Group Conduct Guidelines clearly state that the Daikin Group shall conduct business entertainment and gift-giving within the laws and customs of each country and region.

We are especially strict in enforcing this in relation to gifts and entertainment for government officials.


Efforts to Ensure Moderate Business Entertainment and Gift-Giving

To this end, we hold company-wide training so that employees obey rules on sound and transparent relations with government offices, are compliant with the Political Funds Control Law and the Public Offices Election Act, and conduct moderate entertainment and gift-giving with suppliers.

In fiscal 2014, we created guidelines with detailed directives related to entertaining, gift-giving, and invitations for government officials. In fiscal 2016, we continued on the previous year’s efforts to distribute these throughout all divisions and companies in the Daikin Group in Japan and overseas.


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