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Fundamental CSR

Corporate Governance

Why is it Important?

Every time there is a corporate scandal, there are calls to step up the importance of corporate governance in order to strengthen management check functions. Improved corporate governance not only helps reduce corporate risk and avoid scandals; it also improves corporate profitability and medium-to-long-term corporate value, and it supports sustainable growth. Therefore, corporate governance helps protect stakeholder benefits, as well as return the benefits of value created to society, thus promoting a virtuous economic cycle.


Daikin Industries, Ltd. has adopted an integrated management system to speed up management processes and achieve more advanced management. The integrated management system supports management responsibility, allowing directors to quickly make strategic decisions and conduct sound supervision and guidance in order to collaborate and fulfill their responsibilities in all aspects of management. Integrated management also supports business execution.

We have Audit & Supervisory Board that improves the effectiveness of auditing. The Board of Directors oversees the CSR Committee, the Internal Control Committee, the Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Committee, and other committees. We strive to achieve corporate governance that supports sustainable growth.


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