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Interested in gaining practical work experience with the global No. 1 air conditioning manufacturer?
Daikin offers internship opportunities to talented people interested in Daikin as a chance for us to get to know each other and build a strong relationship for the future.

Experiencing Work at the
Global No.1 AC Manufacturer!

The Daikin internship program provides opportunities to university students and graduates to gain a firsthand knowledge of Daikin through actual work experience and understand our unique work style, manner of communication, chain of command for decision-making, and the foundation of our capabilities for developing advanced technologies.

Internship Programs

  • Just as the Daikin Group develops and sells air conditioning equipment uniquely suited for the various climates, cultures, and lifestyles of each country and region, Daikin internship programs also vary by country.
  • Successful candidates gain experience by working with Daikin Group employees from around the world.
  • Flexible options are available for internship programs.
    • Internships at the Daikin head office in Japan;
    • Internships within the Daikin Group near home country;
    • Internships for which the timing corresponds with university vacation periods or forms part of accredited coursework taken
      during school sessions. We heartily encourage you to apply by clicking the corresponding button of the country you are
      interested in.


Impressions of Staff Entering Daikin after Internship

Staff members with internship experience were asked to share their impressions and advice along with their reasons for participating.

Naman Dwivedi

Naman Dwivedi

Location : Daikin Industries,
Ltd. (Japan)
Job Type : Engineering
Post / Role : Reliability Group,
Year Joined : 2013

Familiarity with the Latest AC Technology of the
Global No. 1 Company

The Daikin internship allowed me to discover the possibilities at Daikin, a multinational company that continues to grow even now while bringing innovation to the global HVAC industry through sophisticated heating and cooling systems. For someone like me who studied mechanical engineering in India, I was very fascinated by the idea of having a chance to become familiar with the latest technology in Japan. It was great to actually participate and learn starting from the basics on how the latest air conditioning technologies are designed, tested, and manufactured. I am thankful to Daikin for giving me such a valuable opportunity to learn things not taught in a university. Not only did I gain technical knowledge, but I also gained insight into Japanese culture and the qualities that make Japan one of the most advanced nations in the world.

Practical Experience in the Reality beyond
University Courses

The Daikin internship confronted me with the reality of the vast knowledge beyond university courses, and I soon discovered in the Daikin product development department that just applying the knowledge acquired in university is a great challenge. Through this type of challenge, I feel that I acquired a sense of responsibility for work, greater humility, and personal growth. I began the internship with no Japanese ability and only afterward became interested in learning it. Now after studying it, I feel a sense of pride in how much Japanese I have learned and believe that thinking in Japanese, which is a third language for me, makes me organize my thoughts more and helps me make better decisions.

Personally Experiencing the Awe-Inspiring Daikin

People that have an interest in the internship should investigate Daikin and its products in advance to more fully understand the awe-inspiring story of how Daikin grew to become to the global No. 1 air conditioning manufacturer. Daikin is a company with a soul that truly cares about each one of its employees. As for this internship program, there can be no doubt that it will have a good influence on your future.

Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez

Location : Daikin Industries,
Ltd. (Japan)
Job Type : Global Operations Division,
Americas Group
Post / Role : Team Member
Year Joined : 2013

Opportunities for Those with a Global Mindset

I first heard about the company when I attended the information seminar Daikin delivered when it came to my campus to recruit. That’s where I learned that Daikin was a Japanese company with a team of highly qualified professionals. I also learned that it was the foremost leading company in the global air conditioning industry and was expanding worldwide in a variety of business fields. I could easily see that Daikin was the company for those with a global mindset. It was then I knew that I would like to be a member of Daikin, and I applied for an internship.

Observing the Driving Force of an Ever Growing

The internship was a great learning experience. The work environment was conducive to sharing ideas and grasping new concepts from the air conditioning industry, which I had never been exposed to. Each day was full of new and interesting tasks. Sometimes I would be called upon to report results to Daikin staff employees, and they would offer me their candid feedback, which further kindled my desire. I realized that these types of informal discussions serve to circulate ideas within the Daikin Group and are the driving force of Daikin. Under the mentoring of my supervisor, I was assigned very challenging tasks that required me to be fully focused at all times and approach business from a global context. In time I was given responsibilities to execute on my own in which I would communicate with employees from different regions of the world. From this, I began to understand the Daikin corporate culture and the “Daikin Way,” which forms the basis of that culture, and how these principles permeate to every corner of the global Daikin Group.

Expanding Prospects for Your Career

For this internship, I became acquainted with various aspects of Daikin and was given many opportunities to learn. For this reason, I believe an internship at Daikin provides great insight into global business. Daikin gives you opportunities to promote new ideas while exchanging opinions with people of diverse backgrounds through global projects. Before applying, my intuition told me that a program such as this could be a great boost to a global career. After experiencing it, that instinct has turned to firm conviction. When reflecting on my experience, I think that the Daikin internship was a unique opportunity to raise and expand the prospects for my own career.

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