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Endless Possibilities to Impact the World

As the global No. 1 air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin is constantly evolving to affect change in living environments around the world with products and services that substantially impact the lives we lead.
Creating the type of innovation that inspires a new generation of customers requires the imagination and persistence of bright people wanting to test themselves on a multitude of levels. Currently, there are approximately 96,000 people working in the global Daikin Group making a difference everyday, and we are continuing to search for talented people to support further growth into new territories and technologies.
At Daikin, utilizing the potential of each and every person is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Discover how we can help you to maximize yours.

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People-Centered Management is a management style that endeavors to fully utilize the maximum potential of human resources. Nurtured over the history of Daikin, this management style relies heavily on the sharing of tacit knowledge and is the essential element of our corporate culture that forms the basis of Daikin’s philosophy as expressed in our Core Values, Group Philosophy, Group Annual Policy, and other corporate principles.

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Human Resources

The human resources Daikin is recruiting to continue the company’s competitive edge in the global market.

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Global Activities of
Daikin Employees

Daikin Employees contributing to the development of countries and regions around the world
including China, Asia, Europe, and the United States reflect on their experiences and impressions of Daikin.

  • china
  • thailand
  • belgium
  • united states

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Examples of career paths are presented here that have been developed at Daikin for its employees.

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Want to find out more about Daikin? There is no better way of learning about a company than working at it. Find out how you can apply for one of the internships Daikin offers around the world.

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