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A wide selection of rooftop models provides affordable air comfort and the optimum HVAC solution to any building type, including homes, apartment complexes, large commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals.


Daikin Advantage

  • Extensive Product Lineup

    From residences to commercial buildings, Daikin’s diverse lineup of products offers an affordable solution suitable for any type of building.

  • Simple Installation

    The integrated air conditioning system delivers a simple solution that greatly shortens the time for on-site installation.

  • Replacement Use

    Simple installation and system compatibility make Daikin products the ideal choice when replacing worn out air conditioning equipment.

  • High Operation Efficiency

    Utilizing the latest technology, Daikin offers industry-leading efficiency that keeps running costs low and saves money.


Shopping Mall

Customers strolling mall concourses and atriums enjoy shopping more with the comfort provided by Daikin to these large interior spaces. With options that adapt to any environment, precise air control is possible to ensure optimum conditions for all needs, large or small.

Warehouse Club

For warehouse clubs, Daikin keeps both initial and running costs low to help retailers maintain slim product margins without sacrificing customer or employee comfort.

Apartment Complex

An extensive lineup of rooftop models allows owners to make the perfect choice for their low-rise multi-dwelling units. Low-sound operation of Daikin products ensure comfortable living in quiet residential settings.

Product Lineup

Commercial Rooftop

Commercial Rooftop

Applied Rooftop

Additional Information

Daikin and Refrigerants

Daikin is a comprehensive manufacturer that also produces the refrigerant used in its air conditioning equipment.


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