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Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters, help to keep electricity costs low.

Split / Multi-Split Type Air Conditioners

Filter Cleaning

When the filter inside the air conditioner is obstructed, intake air amount decreases, while the amount of electricity necessary to cool the room increases.

  • Cleaning the filter once every two weeks is recommended.
  • For models with an automatic cleaning function, use this function to clean the filter.

Open the front panel and take out the air filter.

Such up the dust with a vacuum cleaner, etc.

When extremely soiled, wash in lukewarm water with detergent and dry in a shady place away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning of Cooling Fan (Heat Exchanger)

Cleaning not only the filter but also cleaning the cooling fan (heat exchanger) in the back is effective for keeping electricity consumption low.

  • Before cooling season begins , confirm that cooling fan is clean.
  • If the dirt of the fan is noticeable, contact your local distributor.    Global Locations


Preventative Maintenance Service

Because commercial-use, large-sized, and specialty-type equipment requires expert knowledge, have work done by professionals.

Preventative Maintenance Service

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Global Locations

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