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SkyAir Packaged Air Conditioners for Shops & Small Offices

Featuring an extensive range of models with high seasonal energy efficiency, SkyAir leads the light commercial market with solutions that offer design flexibility corresponding to any commercial setting.

Daikin Advantage

Optimum Solution

Outdoor units covering a wide performance range along with a full selection of indoor units deliver customized solutions to customers that precisely match their individual needs.

Enhanced Comfort with Inverters

Inverters maintain set temperature by detecting load and using variable speed control to maintain optimum efficiency and comfort.

Energy Efficient

Daikin’s advanced inverter technology deftly manages operations during partial loads to deliver maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Flexible Installation and Layout

Installing to areas with space limitations has become easier with our compact outdoor units and ability to use long piping.


Product Lineup

Full Selection of Indoor Units

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (Round Flow) with Streamer Learn More

Standard Panel with Sensing (Fresh White)

Standard Panel with Sensing (Black)

Designer Panel
(Fresh White)

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (Round Flow)

Standard Panel with Sensing (Fresh White)

Standard Panel with Sensing (Black)

Designer Panel
(Fresh White)

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type
(Round Flow)

Compact Multi Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type
(Fully Flat)

Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure Type

Duct Connection Low Static Pressure Width Compact Type

Duct Connection Low Static Pressure Height Compact Type

Ceiling Mounted Built-in Type

Ceiling Suspended Type

Wall Mounted Type

Floor Standing Type

Wide Array of Outdoor Units


Promotion Movie

UV Streamer Air Purifier Unit

This movie introduces its new UV Streamer Air Purifier Unit for Round Flow Cassette. It easily connects to air conditioner to purify and sterilize the air.

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (Round Flow)

The movie introduces Round Flow Cassette with sensing and airflow control technologies.

Duct Connection Low Static Pressure

The movie introduces Compact Low Static Pressure Duct which is suitable for close living spaces such as hotels and condominiums.



High Efficiency Compressor to Achieve a High COP

Learn More

Refrigerant Cooling

Learn More

High Efficiency by Micro Channel Heat Exchanger

Learn More
Features and specifications differ according to model.

Wired Remote Controller

Stylish Remote Controller

  • Sleek stylish design
  • DAIKIN APP for Installer simplifies the advanced settings such as field settings
  • Useful administration / Shorter and Easier installation

Navigation Remote Controller

  • Operation is easy and smooth, just follow the indication on the remote controller
  • Weekly schedule can be set 5 actions per day for each day of the week
  • Circulation airflow, a function for the latest cassette type can be set

Simplified Remote Controller

  • Simple operation by using only six buttons, and users have direct access to basic functions
  • Intuitive design by using pictograms enables user-friendly interface
  • Overseas guests at hotels understand functions without having to know a foreign languages

Additional Information

Daikin and Refrigerants

Daikin and Refrigerants

Daikin is a comprehensive manufacturer that also produces the refrigerant used in its air conditioning equipment.

Daikin's Policy and Comprehensive Actions

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

A global support system delivers timely solutions to all needs.

Learn More


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